Bonsai Sapling Update

Blue Wisteria Bonsai @ 15 days
It has been exactley 15 days since I decided To Bonsai or Not To Bonsai and put my two sets of bonsai seeds in a wet paper towel. The towel was in a plastic bag and so it did not require much watering. This morning I found that the Blue Japanese Wisteria Bonsai tree had made significant progress. All 5 of the seeds generated roots and two of them already had green stuff. This was a pleaseant surprise since the package said these seeds would take 2 - 3 months to germinate. Good stuff! Thank you Seeds and Things. I used apple sauce cups and put a couple of the saplings in soil. We'll see how they do!  I have read the best thing to do is to give the plant a teaspoon full of water every day. If anyone wants one of the other sprouting seeds, I am willing to trade!

Blue Wisteria Seeds @ 15 days
Unfortuntley, the other set of seeds I ordered (also from Seeds and Things) have not shown any signs of life. I will keep it in a paper towel for a while longer and hope the best for these Japanese Maple Seeds.


Great job!
I'm interested growing these from seeds as well but i live in a tropical country and the hot weather here might be a problem to grow these types of trees.
What type of weather and temperature were your seeds exposed to?

I was getting ready to buy these seeds from Amazon and saw your photos. How are these bonsai plants faring?

I just started mine today and will post how they do and the steps I took.

Hello! I found you through amazon cause Im debating on buying these seeds! I'm curious how you plants are fairing now? Any tips for me when doing these as well? Thank you!

hello ~ i live in boquete, panama; i am a us citizen expatriated. i purchased a little bonsai through a charity auction & then saw these seeds on amazon. received them & i started the germinating process today...following your method. i am wishing good luck to both of us. thanks for the tips. xo s

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