To Bonsai or not to Bonsai

It is very rewarding to see  plants that were grown from seed  flowering and generating fruit. This also means that cold weather can not be too far behind. It saddens me to not be able to garden in the fall and winter. Thus, I decided that I needed a plant to grow indoors. Bonsai!! I bought some seeds for the Japanese Wisteria and Japanese Maple. These take years to develop and will be a nice long term project for me. Today, I wrapped the seeds in a wet paper towel and placed them in a plastic baggie to start off the germination process. Below are pictures of these odd-looking seeds and the beautiful trees they may someday become. Updates to come!

Japanese Maple

Wisteria Bonsai

Japanese Maple Seeds

Wisteria Seeds


where did you get these seeds? the wisteria and maple are incredibly beautiful -- are you selling? truthfully, i don't know much about gardening but would die for one of these.

Heart be still!!! Incredibly beautiful. Wisteria grows rapidly with the thick trunk developing fairly quickly. I wonder if that translates into a shorter time to get this beautiful bonsai.....

I will start my own witeria bosai.

How did you shape it like that. In complete seriousness, I am growing my own chinese wisteria and want to shape it into a bonsai. Do you have any books or information to recommend. Please.

Hello if you can help me it's my bonsai can be dirty I'm not have idea of saving please help me I'm de separate

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