Garden Update 8/18/14

Here are some photos from the week. Not much of a harvest but we did have a couple more cucumbers (not nearly as many as I would like) and some more tomatoes. Its ironic that the one tomato plant on my balcony is producing more tomatoes than the 6 plants in the garden.  The fall crop is also making some nice progress. The beans are growing fast and carrots are about an inch tall now.


That is funny that your potted plant is doing so much better. For me it is usually the other way around as I tend to forget to water my plants in pots. Poor things.

I think that container tomatoes, being root bound, tend to produce and ripen tomatoes faster. The tomatoes in the ground can develop large root volumes and bigger fruit so they take their time. So my prediction is you will be harvesting bushels of tomatoes in a few weeks.

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