Woah ... Huge Cucumber

I have thought about writting a lot but have not had the chance to do so. However, for now, here are some picture updates of what is going on in the garden.

Harvest 8/11/12

Huge cucumber found on 8/11/12
Too bad that someone has already
been snacking on this 14incher 
8/11/12 - Green Ox heart tomato

Harvest from 7/28/12


some nice looking produce you have there! yeah, I have something eating tomatoes and can't catch them at it.

I didn't plant cukes this year for lack of space. Instead I grew eggplant, and the slugs have been snacking on the ones that aren't far up from the ground!

Very impressive. If that were my cucumber, I'd cut away the bite marks and eat it anyway!

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