Biggest Harvest Yet

We had quite a big harvest today with carrots, lettuce, some green tomatoes and a handful of cucumbers. We decided to pick the tomatoes while they were greenish/yellow to prevent someone else from stealing them. We were very sad to find that someone had broken in to our garden last week and while they did not steal anything (that we could notice) the perpetrator did break half of our fence.

Odd Shaped Cucumbers and Big Green Tomato
Strawberry's flowering for the Second Harvest

Over-ripe Peas

Green Ox-heart tomato (bizzare looking)

Lettuce, carrots, green tomatoes


Great harvest. I was sorry to hear someone broke into your garden. Who would do such a thing!!!

I just don't understand people these days! Grrr!

But it looks like you had a nice harvest any way!

Ox-heart tomato? Sounds interesting, how does it taste?

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