Small Strawberry Harvest

I have not done much work (aka weeding) in the garden due to the current heat wave. However, from the hour that I did spend there this week, I noted that my fence is doing well in keeping away the bunnies and we were able to harvest some strawberries. Also, on my patio garden, I have plenty of peas hanging and more strawberries. The strawberries are very small and not very sweet.

Small Strawberry Harvest

First Cucumbers


Our strawberries last year were all very small... so annoying! Hopefully you start to get some that are larger and sweeter!

No flowers on our cucumbers yet so I'm jealous of yours, just a week or two and you'll be ready for pickles!!

It won't be long before you start enjoying those cucumbers too. Have you grown these strawberries before and if so were they sweeter in prior year's?

oh nice cukes coming on; a toad dug my seedlings up and some birds got their replacements. Not sure I"m going to bother with a 3rd try this year.

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