Testing Miracle-gro Growables Pods

Have you seen the new Miracle-Gro Growables pods? I was provided with about 60 pods to test out a few months back. These are being advertised as guaranteed to grow.
Each little pod comes with everything you need to start growing your own food. Just pop them in some soil, add water and watch them grow. These retail for about $2 a pod at target but Amazon seems to be selling them at a lower price point. I planted 10 basil pods and 10 cherry tomato pods. Each pod is expected to have three seedlings and instructions say to only allow one seedling to continue growing after they are about 1 inch tall. After about a week about 50% of the seedlings had emerged and after two weeks 80% of the pods had seedlings. The picture below is of a basil seedling and the pod right after emerged. Now, about a month since initial planting, my basil plants have about 4 true leaves. I have about 40 pods left still, so please reach out if you are interested in trying these as well.
Basil Seedling 5.15.16


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