Warmer Weather Excitement

I thought the warmer weather would never come given the winter we just had in New England. Now that it's here, I'm excited to get everything started. I ordered the cucumber seeds (2 varieties) and now patiently await their arrival. My favorite seed brand is Botanical Interests and they are well worth the wait. In the meantime, I found some Burpee seeds from 2012 and put them on a wet paper towel to test germination. Could these still work? No large loss if they don't.

Also, on a side note, I started some Kale seeds and Jalapeno seeds from last year.

2014 Cucumber Variety
2014 Cucumber Variety


Isn't this warmer weather great? Personally, I'm enjoying sitting out on my patio furniture late in the summer evenings, smelling my mint patch and herb pots. I'll have to think about starting some Kale myself!

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