Alpine Strawberries Growing at Last!!

Alpine Strawberry Seedlings
 I was thrilled to find that after a month of germination the Renee's Garden Alpine strawberries began to show some green. I can now see tiny green plants the size of pins. This is very encouraging and leaves me questioning whether the berries growth is simply slowed due to our cold weather in Boston. Regardless, I am still a long way from this plant bearing fruit.

Plastic Bag Greenhouse

My Botanical Interests Marketmore cucumbers have been doing well. I've been steadily transplating them from the germination tray into 4 inch pots. I found that the 4 inch pots dried up verry quickly so I've been putting a plastic bag over the small pots to keep moisture & heat in.


It's good to see another beginner gardener here. I will watch your garden through your blog. You can watch mine too if you'd like:



We had a snowstorm yesterday, just enough to knock over the daffodils. It's very encouraging to me to see your bits of green. Makes me feel like we really are looking ahead to warmer weather.

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