First Sign of Life

First Seedlings

Botanicle Interests Org. Cucumbers

I was very excited this morning to see some green popping up from my egg-carton tray. Since my last post, I have planted some lettuce, the Renee's Garden Superbush tomatos, and cucumbers. I had germinated the cucumbers in a paper towel for two days while the lettuce seeds were too tiny to germinate. I am pretty disappointed with the items I bought from Renee's Garden thus far. The tomato seeds barely grew in the paper towel and less than 10% grew roots. The roots were 1/10th of an inch at best on the ones that did grow. Hopefully these guys will do better in the soil.

I continue to be impressed by the seeds I purchased on amazon by Botanicle Interests. The cucumber seeds grew roots in under two days and then once transplated into soil, popped up as little seedling overnight. Out of the 30 or so cucumber seeds I already have 7 seedlings. I'm impressed!


Thanks for visiting my blog. It looks like you are off to a great start! My best advice is to never get discouraged. And heck, I'm no expert anyway -- but thanks for asking! The thing is there are so many variables in gardening from week to week and even season to season. If something doesn't turn out right the first time, it's probably due to some fluke in nature and nothing you did or didn't do. That said, after a while, you'll eventually figure out what works well in your area and you'll be feeling like an expert in no time! And keep surfing the web there are many great sites and videos out there. Wishing you the best!

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