Growing Up

Cucumber Roots
All of my plants seem to be making progress. I spent today moving plants into large containers. The blueberry and raspberry plants were moved from 1 gallon containers to 7 gallon containers. The grape plant was finally planted in a 1 gallon container (for now). I moved many of the cucumber and tomato plants from their tiny 1 square inch egg carton cubby into more roomy 4 inch pots. I was very pleasentley surprised to see the complex root systems that my cucumbers had already set up. My sweet romaine seems to be growing but looks quite odd.

I will be needing to transplant my strawberry seedlings within the next couple of days, but I am glad to see that true leaves (although tiny) have developed. While outdoors today, I cleaned up the dried up remains from last last years harvest. I pulled the tomato plants out by the root and will plant tomatos in the same pots this year. I've read that tomatos do like to be planted in the same spot year after year. I cut back the dried up grass-like foliage from last year's alpine strawberry plant and found that new strawberry seedlings were growing in there. It is kind of incredible that the new seedlings are growing outside in the cold weather when my Renee's Garden Alpine Strawberries have been so fussy.
Alpine Strawberries

I also decided to dable with flowers a bit. I bough some bleeding heart bare root in the store. Though, I am not sure if I planted these correctley. Keeping my fingers crossed for now.


In my experience, bleeding heart is a pretty tough little perennial. Given something reasonably close to right circumstances, they seem to do just fine. Good luck! :)

Every thing looks great Victoria! I started as a container gardener as well. It was so much less daunting, no digging, no weeding, soil warms quickly. I am impressed with your selection especially all the berries. I have been afraid to enter that realm so I am eager to see how well your bushes do. Happy Gardening!

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