There's Time ..... to Grow!

Now that we are in August, some of you (like me) are probably wondering where your summer has gone as you realize that the time for gardening left is limited. But, there is good news! There is still enough time to get lots more out of your garden this year.

To name a few -
 •Swiss chard
 •Brussels sprouts
 •English peas
 •Mustard greens

Realizing that I neglected my garden for most of July, I have turned to quick growing vege's that will give me a harvest before it gets too cold. There are a number of options but below I have noted a couple of great "fast growing" varieties of fall garden veges.

Little Finger Carrots (57 days)

Pea Snow Oregon Sugar Pod II Seeds (60 days)

Broccoli Di Cicco (48 days)

Radish Cherry Belle  (24 days)

Kale Red Winter Organic ( 50 days)


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