Day 44

Alpine Strawberries Day 44
My life at work has been hectic these past couple weeks and as a result my garden (and blog) have suffered. I admit that there were days that I did not water my seedlings when I should have. I also discovered that my herb box garden flew right off of my balcony with this crazy wind we have been having. Now, I am back at it! My Alpine strawberries have made significant progress since my last post and are probably twice the height. I fed them fertilizer for acid loving plants (MiracleGro) which is commonly used for azalea's and they have been thriving since.

Cucumber roots along stem

I have found that my cucumber have white dots along their stems. I surmise that my cucumbers are trying to grow roots along their stem. Has anyone seen this before?

The blueberry tree that I bought as a bare bone twig has since developed lots of leaves and I am seeing the begging of flowers and later fruit. I am getting very excited for warm days and summer. Hopefully it will be here in no time!!


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