An Old Russian Favorite - Oxheart Tomatoes

Oxheart tomato.
I had ordered 8 oxheart tomato plants from hirts on amazon. I was very surprised to receive the order in just under 3 days. However, I was even more surprised by the condition of these plants. The handful of yellow branches are okay. This size of the plants and condition is not. Six of the plants were only 4 inches tall and already had flowers. The plants were in next to no soil and were very skinny / windy. I can't help but wonder what kind of chemicals / lights were used to have such mistreated plants produce flowers. I will plant these anyway and see what will happen.

Oxheart Tomato Plants Flowering - 4 inches

Oxheart Tomato Plants Flowering - 4 inches


Sometimes it's the only way to get certain plants but we haven't had much luck either with getting them through the mail...

I've never seen oxhearts before. They look rich and tasty. If they're Russian, they may not do well in Texas heat, though.

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