Garden Update 6/10/12

It was too hot to work in the garden this weekend, but I did go by to see how things are progressing. The biggest surprise was that one of the tomato plants (only 5 inches tall itself) had a tomato hanging from it. I planted more peas and carrots to replace those eaten by the rabbits, had a small carrot harvest, and found the very first alpine strawberry berry.
Bush Bean Plant Flower

Small Carrot Harvest

Growing Romaine Lettuce

Strawberry Plants with Green Berries


Congratulations on the first strawberry. The first is always so precious and tasty.

Your carrots look much sweeter than mine. LOL> maybe because I know how warm mine are. ;-)

I am envious of those carrots. Mine did not germinate well.

what a nice bunch of carrots! yes rabbits, squirrels and rats are the bane of my existence. Mostly I tend to keep a .22 by the door ;-)

Sounds like you have a very ambitious little tomato plant!

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