First Bonsai Orange Tree Bloom

I was surprised to find my bonsai orange tree filled with tons of buds (25 or so) since the tree has already set many many little green fruit. The first flower opened today. I apologize for the quality of this photo and will try to post another one tommorow in day light. I am very impressed by this tree considering how well it is doing indoors. Hopefully, we will eventually have some edible oranges from it. However, the best part of this tree is that it is self-polinating so there is no need for birds & bees to spread pollen.
Bonsai Orange Tree Flower 4/19/12


:D That is very exciting. I am also rather curious as to how the maple bonsai and the wisteria are doing; for I was looking into purchasing some blue wisteria seeds.
My gardenia bonsai had it's first bloom last week, haven't smelt flower that good in a long time, haven't been more proud in just as long. :) Can't wait to see how yours does. Keep on postin'!

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