Tomato Experiment

Early in the season I had noticed that the tomatoes which I had grown from seed had very wobbly / unstable stems. I figured this was due to having started the tomatoes indoors with little air movement. So, in July I started a second batch of tomatoes from seed outside. I was not expecting much from these and planted the seeds in little soil. Right now, 6 weeks later, I have four good plants that have come out of this with seven green hanging fruit. We are excited to try these late season yellow pear tomatoes.
Yellow Pear Tomatoes 9/1/12

Yellow Pear Tomatoes 9/1/12
Yellow Pear Tomato Seeds
 On another note, this week I was very surprised to see that my bonsai raspberry plant had started producing raspberries for the very first time ever!!!! This will also be a late harvest but boy are they delicious.

Bonsai Raspberry Plant 9/1/12


One of these seasons I am going to purposefully start some late patio box style tomatoes in a container and see if I can grow them in the greenhouse through the fall and over winter them in the house during the worst of the winter season with the aid potentially of a grow light. Would be fun to do. Maybe I should do a cutting from my current patio style tomatoes?

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