Whats Growing 4/20/13

Jalapeno & Poblano Peppers 4.18.13
Marigolds 4.18.13
Lots has happened since my last post. I planted the begonias and am waiting for them to root. I bought some orange calla lilies and put them in a warm corner. The tomato plants are growing fast with super fast germination for both the orange cherries and yellow pear varieties. These plants are about 2 inches tall now and under lights. The marigolds have developed about 4 true-leaves each and I hope to plant these either tomorrow or next weekend. The jalapeno peppers are progressing quite well. I planted some Thai basil. Also, I got my package of alpine strawberry seeds and Kale seeds today and will be planting those soon.

On a different note, a friend at the garden gave me a rose bush and Japanese lace leaf maple tree cutting. I have placed these in soil (with rooting hormone) and am hoping these end up rooting. Time will tell!!
Tomato Plants 4.18.13

Begonia bulb  "tuber" 4.13.13
Flame Calla Lillie Bulb  4.13.13


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