Busy Building Weekend 3.31.13

New Garden Boxes
It has been a busy weekend in the garden. I spent much time pulling out last years plants, weeds, and other random plants. Today we also built two 8 foot long garden boxes. Phew, it was some hard work!! We will be working on filling the boxes next weekend. This is our attempt to keep the bunnies away from our veges!

The rhubarb plant seems to be coming back in the garden. The strawberry plant is producing leafs again. Also, I was happy to see that one of our climbing rose plants grew a bit.

Marigold Seedlings
 Indoors I have a number of plants under lights including Marigolds, Broccoli, Poppy flowers, and onion plants. I planted peas outside on my balcony. Soon it will be time to start the tomato seeds. Also, I have some Begonia tubers that I need to start indoors.
Onion Seedlings

Growing Roses
Rhubarb Growing


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