Bonsai Sapling Update

Blue Wisteria Bonsai @ 15 days
It has been exactley 15 days since I decided To Bonsai or Not To Bonsai and put my two sets of bonsai seeds in a wet paper towel. The towel was in a plastic bag and so it did not require much watering. This morning I found that the Blue Japanese Wisteria Bonsai tree had made significant progress. All 5 of the seeds generated roots and two of them already had green stuff. This was a pleaseant surprise since the package said these seeds would take 2 - 3 months to germinate. Good stuff! Thank you Seeds and Things. I used apple sauce cups and put a couple of the saplings in soil. We'll see how they do!  I have read the best thing to do is to give the plant a teaspoon full of water every day. If anyone wants one of the other sprouting seeds, I am willing to trade!

Blue Wisteria Seeds @ 15 days
Unfortuntley, the other set of seeds I ordered (also from Seeds and Things) have not shown any signs of life. I will keep it in a paper towel for a while longer and hope the best for these Japanese Maple Seeds.