DIY Seedtape

I was sowing my first batch of seeds today and started remembering how tiny many of these are. In fact, I found the tiny alpine strawberry seeds hiding under my fingernails. Planting these outdoors is even trickier due to sun/wind/ etc. I've done my research and this year will create seed tape for those direct sow veges (ie carrots, beets, lettuce). Here's how:

Free Bonsai and Container Gardening Classes

I  was pleased to find the classes below being offered for free. Please sign-up if you are interested as these are likely only being offered for a limited time.

Gardening Pre-Game

In desperately looking for some "gardening" to do, I found myself reading an article featuring information on how to pre-plan for the gardening season by taking care of the soil. While I don't think I will be able to find the ground here for weeks still; here is what I learned:

Dreaming of Warmer Days

Back in October, I was lucky enough to frequent Maui for a few days of sand and sun. What I did not expect was to follow a thin windy stone pathway to find a gardening adventure.  It turned out that the hotel we were staying at had its own organic garden that was used to supply the hotel/restaurants with fruit, spices, and veges. In October, I saw limes, bananas, pomegranates and much more. I'm sorry to say that the photos don't do it justice as we were somewhat quick to leave due to the mosquito population.