Jack Frost's (Hopefully) Last Hurrah

I should not be surprised to see snow in Boston this late in February. I guess spring is not as close as I originally thought. Anyhow, boy was I excited to have my new "portable" green house to cover up my carrots, flowers, and alpine strawberries. No - I'm not expecting strawberries any time soon; however, a number of alpine strawberry plants managed to stay green through this past winter.

If you find yourself needing a portable green house check out Christmas Tree Shop for this little light weight beauty. Only $30 or so!

I'm Back!

After a several months away, it's finally time to plan for spring again!! I have even managed to venture out to the local Mahoney's and pick up some seeds. Today I "tilled" the soil and planted some carrots and flowers outside. Hopefully it's not too too cold for them out there. Inside I will be planting a little herb garden and starting some Black Krim tomatos.

Seeds to Sow Outside

Seeds to Sow Indoors