An update at last 5.17.15

It's been a while since I have had a chance to check-in here. However, I am happy to report that my garden is well on its way. Today I transplanted the beans (Pole Runner Scarlet Emperor), romaine lettuce (Romaine Paris Island), cosmos (sensation blend), and carnations (chaubad blend) to the garden. I also started some cucumbers indoors (about 20 plants). The cuke seeds are from last year so we will have to see what the germination rate turns out to be. The alpine strawberries are also doing well and are still inside the house awaiting transplant.

Companion Planting for Spring Cool Weather Crops

Companion planting is essential in creating a successful garden ecosystem. Well paired companions assist each other to grow well,  repel undesired insects, or even repel other undesired plant. As you plan your spring garden, take a look at the preferred companion list below to ensure you make the most of your garden space and resources.

Garden Update 3.15.15

Carnation Seedlings
A quick update on the seeds that I have already started. The green chives are doing well and developing lots of roots causing the bulb to be pushed out of the soil. The carnation (Botanical Interests Chaubad Blend planted  2.28.15) are showing their baby leaves. The alpine stawberries (Renee's Garden) are about the size of a fingernail and new seedlings keep popping up. The tuberous begonia is sprouting once again  (third year now).

FREE Poppy Seeds for Your Garden

Its amazing to see the number of free give aways going on right now. Here is another one: Free Poppy Seeds for your Garden. 

FREE Butterfly Garden Starter Kit

Pledge to become a Butterfly Hero and receive a Garden Starter Kit!Act fast! The National Wildlife Federation is offering a free butterfly garden pack (seeds) for those who take the pledge and upload a photo of themselves making the ASL butterfly sign.

How to pledge

DIY Seedtape

I was sowing my first batch of seeds today and started remembering how tiny many of these are. In fact, I found the tiny alpine strawberry seeds hiding under my fingernails. Planting these outdoors is even trickier due to sun/wind/ etc. I've done my research and this year will create seed tape for those direct sow veges (ie carrots, beets, lettuce). Here's how:

Free Bonsai and Container Gardening Classes

I  was pleased to find the classes below being offered for free. Please sign-up if you are interested as these are likely only being offered for a limited time.

Gardening Pre-Game

In desperately looking for some "gardening" to do, I found myself reading an article featuring information on how to pre-plan for the gardening season by taking care of the soil. While I don't think I will be able to find the ground here for weeks still; here is what I learned:

Dreaming of Warmer Days

Back in October, I was lucky enough to frequent Maui for a few days of sand and sun. What I did not expect was to follow a thin windy stone pathway to find a gardening adventure.  It turned out that the hotel we were staying at had its own organic garden that was used to supply the hotel/restaurants with fruit, spices, and veges. In October, I saw limes, bananas, pomegranates and much more. I'm sorry to say that the photos don't do it justice as we were somewhat quick to leave due to the mosquito population.