Alpine Strawberry Progress

The alpine strawberries germinated in about 7 days when i kept them at a room temperature of approximately 85 degrees. This was fairly luck as these seeds can take as much as 6 weeks to germinate. After I saw a few of the plants starting to germinate, I put the plants under lights to help the process. Next step - true leaves: These should appear in about a month of so.

Alpine Strawberry Plants 4/30/13

Alpine Strawberry Plants 4/30/13

Tomato Plants 4/30/13

Bloom Day 4/27/13

Tahiti Double Daffodil - 4/27/13

Whats Growing 4/20/13

Jalapeno & Poblano Peppers 4.18.13
Marigolds 4.18.13
Lots has happened since my last post. I planted the begonias and am waiting for them to root. I bought some orange calla lilies and put them in a warm corner. The tomato plants are growing fast with super fast germination for both the orange cherries and yellow pear varieties. These plants are about 2 inches tall now and under lights. The marigolds have developed about 4 true-leaves each and I hope to plant these either tomorrow or next weekend. The jalapeno peppers are progressing quite well. I planted some Thai basil. Also, I got my package of alpine strawberry seeds and Kale seeds today and will be planting those soon.

On a different note, a friend at the garden gave me a rose bush and Japanese lace leaf maple tree cutting. I have placed these in soil (with rooting hormone) and am hoping these end up rooting. Time will tell!!
Tomato Plants 4.18.13

Begonia bulb  "tuber" 4.13.13
Flame Calla Lillie Bulb  4.13.13

garden work April 13 2013

I can't help but recall how this time last year we had  80 degree weather and the marathon runners were deferring because it was simply too hot. Needless to say  this is not the case this year.  The garden was a bit nippier the I  had originally hoped. Nonetheless we finished the two 4 x 8 foot boxs and I planted carrots and some Caesar lettuce. I planted peas on the patio today and it looks like the raspberry plant is growing again too. I have the marigolds under lights along with the hot peppers and tomato plant. I also purchased some summer squash seeds today that  I'm quite excited about. pictures to come!

PaperWhites are Blooming