The few cherry tomatos the rabbits DID NOT get

Begonia Bloom

Tuberous begonias blooming now.


Small Carrot Harvest

Green tomatos

The tomato plants have gotten much bigger and now have little green tomatos.

First Yellow Crookneck Squash Flower

I had a quick visit to the garden today. I was very excited to see the flower on my squash plant. I was much less excited to see that my carrot bed was covered with weeds. The carrot tops were falling over and in many cases disconnected from the carrot itself. What happened to the carrots? I am hoping they are there somewhere still. On a side note, I harvested 6 pea pods or so.


Now I know who has been eating my parsley.

Starting tomato plants super late again.

Last year, I started yellow pear tomatoes in early July and had fruit set by August. The truth is the that seeds started later in the season tend to catch up with their spring started counterparts. This year I will be planting the heirloom tomatoes pictured here. I will also be experimenting with neptunes harvest to see if this Organic seaweed fertilizer will help with growth. I planted the first couple of seeds yesterday and will be planting more today.

Patio Update 6.23.13

Alpine Strawberries


Little baby pea-pod


First Strawberry Mini Harvest

There were many more strawberries with little bits eaten off. I managed to harvest all that I could.

Patio garden 6.14

Alpine Strawberry Progress

The alpine strawberries germinated in about 7 days when i kept them at a room temperature of approximately 85 degrees. This was fairly luck as these seeds can take as much as 6 weeks to germinate. After I saw a few of the plants starting to germinate, I put the plants under lights to help the process. Next step - true leaves: These should appear in about a month of so.

Alpine Strawberry Plants 4/30/13

Alpine Strawberry Plants 4/30/13

Tomato Plants 4/30/13

Bloom Day 4/27/13

Tahiti Double Daffodil - 4/27/13

Whats Growing 4/20/13

Jalapeno & Poblano Peppers 4.18.13
Marigolds 4.18.13
Lots has happened since my last post. I planted the begonias and am waiting for them to root. I bought some orange calla lilies and put them in a warm corner. The tomato plants are growing fast with super fast germination for both the orange cherries and yellow pear varieties. These plants are about 2 inches tall now and under lights. The marigolds have developed about 4 true-leaves each and I hope to plant these either tomorrow or next weekend. The jalapeno peppers are progressing quite well. I planted some Thai basil. Also, I got my package of alpine strawberry seeds and Kale seeds today and will be planting those soon.

On a different note, a friend at the garden gave me a rose bush and Japanese lace leaf maple tree cutting. I have placed these in soil (with rooting hormone) and am hoping these end up rooting. Time will tell!!
Tomato Plants 4.18.13

Begonia bulb  "tuber" 4.13.13
Flame Calla Lillie Bulb  4.13.13

garden work April 13 2013

I can't help but recall how this time last year we had  80 degree weather and the marathon runners were deferring because it was simply too hot. Needless to say  this is not the case this year.  The garden was a bit nippier the I  had originally hoped. Nonetheless we finished the two 4 x 8 foot boxs and I planted carrots and some Caesar lettuce. I planted peas on the patio today and it looks like the raspberry plant is growing again too. I have the marigolds under lights along with the hot peppers and tomato plant. I also purchased some summer squash seeds today that  I'm quite excited about. pictures to come!

PaperWhites are Blooming


Busy Building Weekend 3.31.13

New Garden Boxes
It has been a busy weekend in the garden. I spent much time pulling out last years plants, weeds, and other random plants. Today we also built two 8 foot long garden boxes. Phew, it was some hard work!! We will be working on filling the boxes next weekend. This is our attempt to keep the bunnies away from our veges!

The rhubarb plant seems to be coming back in the garden. The strawberry plant is producing leafs again. Also, I was happy to see that one of our climbing rose plants grew a bit.

Marigold Seedlings
 Indoors I have a number of plants under lights including Marigolds, Broccoli, Poppy flowers, and onion plants. I planted peas outside on my balcony. Soon it will be time to start the tomato seeds. Also, I have some Begonia tubers that I need to start indoors.
Onion Seedlings

Growing Roses
Rhubarb Growing

PaperWhites and other Dealings.

Paper white bulbs 3/23

Remember the Paper White bulbs I bought last week? Those little bulbs now have plenty of roots and I have moved them into water crystals to grow. I took another trip out to my garden plot and was devastated to see that it was once again completely flooded! Thus, no gardening  got done this weekend there.

Nonetheless, at home, my onions and marigolds have germinated. I am a bit concerned that these seedlings will not get enough light from my windows.

Daffodils Peaking and Tulips All Gone

Double Beauty Daffodil Bulbs 3/16/13
Double Beauty Daffodils (cover pic)
Geese Watching
From my planting this past fall, it looks like my tulips have been eaten by the greedy little rabbits. However, my pretty pretty daffodils are peaking from beneath the ground. Also, shoutout to the geese.

PaperWhite Bulbs Steal

I got these 8 bulbs at the supermarket for a grand total of $2. What a steal!! Now lets just hope that they bloom.

First Visit to the Community Garden

Community Garden Lot 3/10/13
I could not get to the gate of my lot due to a huge puddle on top of the grass. I went into the next row and manged to take a shot of my lot. It was sad to see the snow covered lot and the two "rivers" in the walkways.

A Start to the Growing Season

We had another huge snow fall in Massachusetts this past week. Hopefully, this will be the last of the season as I am excited to get out into the garden and start my bidding. I doubt the snow will melt in time for any garden work to get done tomorrow. I had to start SOMETHING!!! so i sowed some onion seeds (Botanical Interests Flat of Italy) indoors. I also read that Waltham 29 Broccoli can germinate in as low as 40 degrees F and planted a row outdoors on the balcony.

Super Early Tulip - in New England?

Tulip Bulbs 2/1/13
I had some Tulip bulbs that I intended to plant in the fall but  never got to it. They were stored from November through December in a dark cold place. I was very surprised when taking out the bags to see that they were growing! No roots on any of them but the stems were half an inch at least. Any suggestions as to what I do with these? Maybe I can try and force them in a glass jar.