Testing Miracle-gro Growables Pods

Have you seen the new Miracle-Gro Growables pods? I was provided with about 60 pods to test out a few months back. These are being advertised as guaranteed to grow.

Alpine Strawberries - Growing Seedlings

The winter this year in Boston was not as brutal as the one we had the previous year, but in fear that my alpine strawberries would not return - I started a new batch from scratch.

DIY Seedtape

I was sowing my first batch of seeds today and started remembering how tiny many of these are. In fact, I found the tiny alpine strawberry seeds hiding under my fingernails. Planting these outdoors is even trickier due to sun/wind/ etc. I've done my research and this year will create seed tape for those direct sow veges (ie carrots, beets, lettuce). Here's how: