Bare Root Strawberries

I bought 25 bare root Evie Everbearing Strawberries for $15 on Amazon. What a deal!!  Each one of these would have run $3 in a local nursery. When I got the bunch of plants I soaked the roots in water for a couple days and then planted them in the garden. Only time will tell now. Will they survive and grow? Will they fruit? In the meantime, I noticed that my alpine strawberries from last year already have their first flowers in April!!!

Bare Root Evie Strawberry Plant

First Bonsai Orange Tree Bloom

I was surprised to find my bonsai orange tree filled with tons of buds (25 or so) since the tree has already set many many little green fruit. The first flower opened today. I apologize for the quality of this photo and will try to post another one tommorow in day light. I am very impressed by this tree considering how well it is doing indoors. Hopefully, we will eventually have some edible oranges from it. However, the best part of this tree is that it is self-polinating so there is no need for birds & bees to spread pollen.
Bonsai Orange Tree Flower 4/19/12

New Community Garden Plot

We had signed up for a comunity garden plot a few weeks back and yesterday were assigned to one! It does not look like much and seems to have some random plants run amuck but soon we will break ground and (hopefully) make this little plot a thing of beauty (and bounty). As of right now, this lot is filled with lots of mustard plants and other plants that we can't seem to identify. For the first time ever, I think we need an actual garden plan! More to come ...

Garden Plot 4/10/12

Tomato Update

Tomato Seedlings
It's sad to see how few tomato seedlings I have this year. I had close to 20 "good" seedlings last year. This year I only have 3 Black Triefele seedlings, 2 Black Krim seedlings, and 1 Holland tomato seedling. I tried starting some of last year's cherry tomato seeds but none germinated. Just today I started another variety of tomatoes (zebra) in hopes that these will do better. In hindsight I realize that I have been using potting soil instead of seed starter this year which may be the problem.