First Yellow Crookneck Squash Flower

I had a quick visit to the garden today. I was very excited to see the flower on my squash plant. I was much less excited to see that my carrot bed was covered with weeds. The carrot tops were falling over and in many cases disconnected from the carrot itself. What happened to the carrots? I am hoping they are there somewhere still. On a side note, I harvested 6 pea pods or so.


Now I know who has been eating my parsley.

Starting tomato plants super late again.

Last year, I started yellow pear tomatoes in early July and had fruit set by August. The truth is the that seeds started later in the season tend to catch up with their spring started counterparts. This year I will be planting the heirloom tomatoes pictured here. I will also be experimenting with neptunes harvest to see if this Organic seaweed fertilizer will help with growth. I planted the first couple of seeds yesterday and will be planting more today.

Patio Update 6.23.13

Alpine Strawberries


Little baby pea-pod


First Strawberry Mini Harvest

There were many more strawberries with little bits eaten off. I managed to harvest all that I could.

Patio garden 6.14