Bonsai Orange Tree Seeds (Citris Mitis Calamondin-Minature Orange)

Yesterday I received my bonsai orange tree seeds (Citris Mitis Calamondin-Minature Orange) and placed them in a wet paper towel to germinate.
This tree is said to be a cross between a kumquat and a tangerine tree. I am not expecting for this tree to bear fruit until about 2 years from now. The fruit itself is a tart orange / lemon about 2 inches in diameter.
I'm not sure if this tree will be able to survive the non-tropical weather here in New England but will try to provide updates on this tree every couple weeks or so.


I had a similar plant when I lived in Virginia. I kept it inside near a window and used a UV lamp on it for a few hours each day. I don't know if that's ideal, but it worked well for me. It even bore lots of fruit!

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