Starting Tomatos - Japanese Black Trifele, Black Krim, Coyote Tomatos

Last year I started tomatos on the 17th of March and when  it was time to plant outside my plants were all very small and weak. This year I am starting my tomatos earlier in hopes of having an earlier crop. Last year's crop was disappointing in general with only a handful of tomatos.

Since I am starting my tomatoes from seed, I decided that it would be interesting to plant rare varieties of tomatoes. So far, I have started Japanese Black Trifele, Black Krim, and Coyote varieties. I learned that the Japanese Black Trifele tomatoes are actually from Russia not Japan.
I took 10 - 15 seeds of each variety and placed them on a wet paper towel and in a plastic bag. This will make it easy to put the seeds somewhere warm to germinate. In 10 days or so I will move the strongest of these seeds to little pots of soil.

Do you have any suggestions for varieties I should try out?


I just found your blog. I started 4 Trifele seeds in containers on March 6, 2012. I am in zone 9. So far, each has grown well but I am worried the heat here will be too much for them. Hope yours have done well.

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