What's Growing 3/25/12

Cosmo Seedlings (front) Peony Poppy Seedlings (back)

Like many other places in New England, this was a highly unsually warm week in Boston and many of my plants made good strides as a result of the good weather. I replanted the cosmos into cool-whip containers and they grew their first set of true leaves. Seedlings emerged for many of the plants in my in-door and out-door herb gardens. Particularly exciting was that the Botanical Interests Baby Little Finger Carrot seedlings peeped out of the ground, as this is the first year that I am growing carrots. The baby oranges on the orange tree grew bigger. The orange tree is now consuming about .75 cups of water a day!

Alpine Strawberries (front) Little Finger Carrots - 25 days (back)

The germination rate of my tomatos this year was verry disappointing so I sewed more seeds. Only 3 of 15 Black Krim tomatos germinated and only 5 of 15 Black Trifele tomato seeds germinated. None of the Coyote tomato seeds germinated. I recall that I had much better results last year. Thus, I got some more seeds from my friend to hopefully will get more seedlings. The types of tomatos that might come from the seeds my friend  gave me are a bit of a mystery as they are listed as "good tomato" and "holland tomato."  I also started some of the sugar sweetie tomatos from last year.


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