Seedlings & Cleaning up

The weather was fantastic today and I used it as an opportunity to get out onto the balcony and clean up the mess from last year. I pulled and threw out all of the old tomato plants. I cut away all of the dead alpine strawberry plants to allow the new plants to get bigger. I was pleasantly surprised that so much growth on these plants has taken place. The raspberry bush desperately needed to be cut and I could feel how flimsy the old dried branches were as I cut them off. The blueberry bush has little buds already that will turn into leaves eventually.

Indoors, both the peony's and cosmos are well under way. The romaine lettuce seedlings have sprung up and so have some of the herb seedlings. At yesterday's flower & garden show I bought a bonsai orange tree and noted today that the tree has some time oranges already.

Cosmo, Peony, and Romaine Seedlings

Alpine Strawberries

Blueberry Bush

Bonsai Orange Tree


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