Boston Flower & Garden Show 2012

Ideal Deck

Over 25 exhibits and many unique shops is what I found at this year's Flower & Garden Show at the Seaport Hotel / Convention center. There were lots of beautiful flowers in bloom not only daffodils (Narcissus), tulips, roses, hellebores, peonies, lilies of all sorts, poppys and many many more. My favorite was the vast number tulip varieties (especially the orange and yellow ones). There was also an exhibit featuring bonsai plants. This included the typical plants only (ie Azaleas, dogwood, etc). What was far more interesting were the bonsai plants being offered up for sale. I gave up on waiting for my citrus tree seeds to germinate and bought a 3 foot bonsai orange tree. The only sad part is that I have no idea how old this one is. I will get it cleaned up and post a picture soon!

Poppy & Tulips

Tulips & Daffodils

Bonsai trees flowers
Beautiful Purple Flowers

Calla Lillies

Fountain with Flowers


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